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Hello! I'm Tine. Actually, my real name is Silvia, but 'Tine' is a very important name to me...
I'm a Web Designer & Developer, also graduating in Sciences of Digital Communication.
I'm a 27 year-old Italian girl who lives happily with her mate, Emanuele, and our beloved kitten, Bailey, in the beautiful Vicenza.
Thanks to my sister in law Marilena, a professional goldsmith, day by day I'm developing a genuine addiction to handmade jewelry.
For all of my creations, both digital and handmade, I look for simplicity, choosing carefully few elements that work nicely together.
my office
I'm an eclectic person, quite difficult to contextualize. I like cooking and makeup stuff, but I also have more geek passions, like gaming, archery, Doctor Who and steampunk style.
I also love cats, nature, drawing, photography, Fantasy stuff, Irish and Japanese atmospheres...
bijoux in progress
Tine the Lazy started as an experiment, to practice with what I've learnt during my course, and to show some of my creations. I didn't think that someone would have followed me in my adventure, but they did! I'm quite happy with the direction that my blogging experience is taking...
blog planning
After some initial confusion, I decided that the main topics of this blog would have been two: graphics and handmade jewelry. Still, Tine the Lazy is an eclectic blog: off-topics will always have room here!

'Tine' is the name I chose for my character in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, game that I've been playing for so many years.
Ante & Tine
My Tine and Antema, my mate's character, in a screenshot from 2006.
World of Warcraft is a trademark by Blizzard Entertainment.
I started playing WoW during a sad period of my life, while I was growing depressed and delusional for personal reasons. To me, WoW represented a curse, since it gave me addiction because of my personal problems, but it also became my salvation, because it is thanks to this game that I met Emanuele and some of our actual best friends.
They got to know me as Tine, that's why I'm so tied to my nickname.

Actually, I'm not such a lazy person, I'd say that I'm insecure...
I'm a perfectionist that sometimes gets scared by failures, ending up in procrastination.
I decided to entitle myself as 'Lazy' in order to find the strenght to always leave behind my fears, as a reminder for what I don't want to be!
… Ok, maybe actually I am a little lazy: I just love to sleep, to lay on the sofa with a hot drink, to cuddle with my kitty...

My dream is to run a small web agency, to create beautiful websites and brand identities for my customers. This may not be the right time for such a project, but who knows: maybe one day I'll find someone to start with...
In the meanwhile, I'm offering Blog Design services and my Etsy shop is opening very soon: there you will find blog templates, graphics and services, as well as handmade accessories.

If you wish to see some of my digital work, you can check my portfolio.
Any question? May I do anything for you? Leave me a comment or contact me via Email.

Thank you for stopping by ♥

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