Free Printable: Xmas gift wrapping paper

{Read in Italian...}

I have to say that: I dislike most of the gift wrapping papers that can be commonly found at the supermarket or regular shops. I can't stand those cheap, plastic-like ribbons either!
This year I want to put extra care a personal touch into my Christmas gifts, and that will also involve my packages.

Pinterest offers us so many great ideas: I created a specific board about packaging and, reviewing my pins, I realized what I want for my own: simple ideas and materials, with a touch of green, red or gold.
This year I have three concepts for my packages: some of them involve elements that I've personally drawn.
cCarta regalo natalizia free printable
I made this pattern with small geometric pines, that can be printed and used as gift wrapping paper. If the package is too big, you can put together more than one A4 sheets.
I made a light green version, a darker green one, a red one, a golden one and a black&white one, as well.
You can download and use them freely, in case you need a fast idea for your own packages.

You can complete your package with some simple twine {I wanted to use a darker one, but at the moment I only own the one in the picture}, or a nice cotton thread that can be green or red, in order to match the color of the pines... or you can use a contrasting color as well! Just try to use a thick, coarse thread, to make your package a little more "handmade-ish"...
For a different style, you could also print the black&white version of the paper and pair it with a neon-colored thread!

I hope you liked my little freebie: of course, if you use these papers for your gifts I'd be happy to see the result :)
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