My Web & Blog Design for Bocconcini Canini

{Read in Italian...}
Bocconcini Canini
Today I'm so proud to show you my first web design order for Chiara and her new, original activity: Bocconcini Canini.
Chiara cooks dog snacks, employing carefully selected biological ingredients (sometimes even self-producted); her vet then checks and approves every single recipe.
Curious? You can check her brand new website and blog!
Sorry, no English version at the moment: right now Chiara's activity is addressed to Italian customers only.
commissione sito + blog: Bocconcini Canini
My work did not consist in just creating her web spaces: I totally revamped the brand identity of Bocconcini Canini, from its logo to the texts, photo editing and graphics with Photoshop and Illustrator.
Chiara asked me two things: she wanted liliac for her logo and, overall, a vintage, Fifties mood.
What do you think, did I make it?
commissione sito + blog: Bocconcini Canini

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