DIY Cat Carrier Cover

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Yesterday I wanted to show you my shopping at Abilmente. So many things to create jewelry... but not just that!
Do you remember that cute polka-dotted felt? I've been looking for it for one specific purpose and, once I returned home, I created what I wanted: a cover for the cat carrier of my little Bailey.
DIY cat carrier cover
When we took Bailey from her town, poor thing, she was so scared. To calm her down, I tried to put my shawl around the carrier she was in. It worked like a charm: soon Bailey felt more confident, starting to search my hand to be cuddled.
So, why not making a nice cover for this purpose?
I'm a very, very poor tailor, so I made it simple.
DIY cat carrier cover
Felt cloth does not require to be stuffed and I didn't have to make any hem. I just bought one meter of this cloth (extremely cheap), then I cut the excess off and, with a cutter, I created the split for the carrier handle.
Couldn't be easier!
DIY cat carrier cover
Now I also have a nice polka dot felt remnant, that I can use for another project, as soon as I get the right inspiration...


  1. aww this kitty is sooo cute :)
    I love this post!


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